I am Catherine McAtier, a Creative Designer and Mindful Aspien.

I have been waiting until I was ready to launch for what seems like forever.  And I am finally ready to admit that I will never be ready so I’m diving in and sharing the journey.  Nothing is perfect and I strongly believe that Perfection is an Overrated Concept.

For years I have wanted to run my own business and have tried in various guises.ampic1 I have always been creative, have an eye for design and have gone down the interior design route on a number of occasions, mainly designing and making soft furnishings.  And, even if I do say so myself, I have made some really good stuff. However,much as I love putting the designs together and working with fabric it really doesn’t push all my buttons. I’m not averse to putting a room together but it’s not something I want to do all the time.

I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of a late developer.  My recent asperger’s diagnosis (albeit self-diagnosis at the moment) has made everything in my life so much clearer and helped me realise my “different”.  I’ve always known that I didn’t fit in any conventional career boxes and now feel confident in building my own Creative Space here.

I could provide the traditional bio here; had a happy childhood where my uniqueness was encouraged, got my Honours Degree in Business Economics with Marketing all in my hometown of Paisley; lived in London for a while; had a varied career in analysis, retail, administration, personnel and now back home in Paisley ready as I’ll ever be to take this creative path.

What I want to do here is provide a Creative Design Service  catering to the design and mindfulness needs of the creatively different and unique business and individual.


I understand the Creative Mind, the ‘different’ and can help you cut through all the unnecessary b.s. Using another of my core beliefs; There are No Rules only Guidelines, I can help you find the authentic thread in your creative life.  And can create textured branding designs to bring it all to life  online.

I have grown to know the importance of Mindfulness and will share my experiences as I build a Mindfulness Toolbox that can not only be a daily go to but can be a strong reminder and help with the much needed Self Love Basics that we all need when we hit the proverbial wall.


And to cover the needs for texture that you can hold and see in your own environment my Etsy Store will be host to my Textured Artwork.

I hope you like what you see and visit often.